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Processing Children’s Data Correctly: Takeaways from the Recent TikTok Decision

In September 2023, the Irish Data Protection Commission (“DPC”) adopted its final decision in an own-volition inquiry into the processing by TikTok Technology Limited (“TikTok”) of personal data relating to child users of the TikTok platform. The sanctions imposed on the ...Mehr lesen

Analysis of Legal Functionality in the Face of Technological Advancement, Case of Ecuador: Neuro-Rights.

This article analyses the impact of advancing neurotechnology on human rights, particularly regarding cognitive freedom, mental privacy, and psychological integrity. It discusses the ethical implications of brain-computer interfaces and the necessity for specific ...Mehr lesen

The Brazilian National Data Protection Authority’s View On Artificial Intelligence

Despite Brazil having it’s own all-encompassing law on data protection (i.e. the General Data Protection Law - LGPD) and its own regulatory agency (the National Data Protection Authority - ANPD), the arrival and constant development of artificial intelligence has caused ...Mehr lesen

How does India’s new privacy law compare to GDPR?

India is now one-month into its grand experiment with data privacy regulation, having replaced a decade-old set of data security rules with a bespoke Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023. This new law has had an interesting journey that warrants examination, to see ...Mehr lesen

A new member has joined the INPLP: Betül Çolak and Ceren Cakir (Turkey)

...Mehr lesen

Cyberattacks based on the victim´s compliance

Information security compliance has become now a new exploit that cybercriminals are taking advantage from, prompting a need for clear regulatory guidance and proactive security measures. ...Mehr lesen

New CPRA Regs are here again!

California Privacy Protection Agency issues new amendments to the CPRA regs for discussion in its upcoming December 8 meeting. What do you need to know? ...Mehr lesen

A new member has joined the INPLP: Bora Yazıcıoğlu (Turkey)

...Mehr lesen

Understanding data transfers and data transmissions under Mexican Data Protection Law

You may want to avoid getting lost in translation when preparing a data transfer to or from Mexico. We have different names to regulate what globally is known as C2C and C2P data transfers. ...Mehr lesen

Chile on the way to GDPR standards

Even though Chile was the first Latin American country to have a data privacy regulation and has developed one of the most successful economies in the region, has fallen behind regarding data protection. ...Mehr lesen


Managing cyber attacks has always been a complex task and, in almost every scenario, it implied the dismissal of the CISO of the company. However, as we will see, there are several reasons to conclude that there is no only one person who shall face responsibility. ...Mehr lesen

Data Protection vs. Anti-Doping Measures - Advocate General Ćapeta Perspective

This case highlights the challenging balance between safeguarding data privacy and preserving the integrity of sport through anti-doping measures. In a world where the internet is the primary channel for information dissemination, adapting data protection regulations to ...Mehr lesen

Cyber Security Breaches in Hong Kong: A Growing Trend and a Call to Action

Hong Kong is grappling with a surge in cyber security breaches, prompting the authority to take proactive measures. This article highlights the need for immediate action, urging organizations to bolster their data security practices to safeguard sensitive information and ...Mehr lesen

Hungary is prepared to introduce a new act which would further digitize the services provided by the state to its citizens

The new Hungarian Digital Citizenship Act would make communication with public administration, as well as management of official documents easier and more user-friendly. The new Act would also enable consent management in respect of electronic collection and use of ...Mehr lesen