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The privacy risks of the “virtual friend”: the Italian DPA clamps down Replika

The Italian Data Protection Authority (“Garante Privacy”) has ordered the limitation of the data processing activities carried out by the Replika chatbot due to minors’ data protection concerns. ...Mehr lesen

The ‘Chat GPT Effect’ – Parsing Privacy and AI Regulation in India

The increasingly common use of AI in our daily lives raises multiple concerns, particularly around data privacy and regulatory preparedness. In this article, we discuss the privacy risks associated with AI and the position under Indian law. ...Mehr lesen

2022 and 2023 in Baltic Data Protection

At the end of January, we celebrated Data Protection Day. To mark that annual occasion, TGS Baltic’s Data Protection Team compiled an overview of the key market and enforcement trends in the Baltic region in 2022 and our predictions and recommendations for 2023. ...Mehr lesen

China first attempt to regulate deepfake-like risks.

China recently released an administration regulation on the use of deep synthesis technologies and their use on the internet. The regulation regulates some of the typical technologies and scenarios that are commonly seen on the internet nowadays. ...Mehr lesen

Online identifiers are not always personal data

The Voivodeship Administrative Court in Warsaw recognizes online identifiers, including cookies, should not be automatically categorized as personal data. Thus the Polish Court is at variance with the Polish DPA’s stricter position on that subject. ...Mehr lesen

Cyber insurance: the French legal framework is changing

France makes the payment by insurers in case of cyber attacks conditional upon the prior filing of a criminal complaint within 72 hours. ...Mehr lesen

The Guidelines on Use of Cookies in Turkey

The Guidelines on Use of Cookies (the “Guidelines”) was published by the Personal Data Protection Authority (the “Authority”) on June 20, 2022 which outlines good practice examples to guide data controllers. The Guidelines explain principles on use of cookies for data ...Mehr lesen

Non-material Damage for Data Protection Breaches before the Irish and EU Courts – Clarity Ahead?

Data protection claims are in the dock. The Irish Circuit Court has temporarily halted proceedings for non-material damage claims pending clarity from decisions by the Court of Justice of the European Union on compensation for non-material damage in relation to 'mere ...Mehr lesen

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (Regulation (EU) 2022/2554) solves an important problem in the EU financial regulation, as it “aims to consolidate and upgrade ICT risk requirements as part of the operational risk requirements that have, up to this point, been ...Mehr lesen