Extraterritorial Implications of Turkish Data Protection Legislation

This article explores the regulatory landscape for data controllers located outside Turkey and their obligations under the Turkish Data Protection Law. ...Mehr lesen

Violation of personal data protection by the City of Trnava as the Controller of personal...

In a recent decision by the Office for Personal Data Protection, we witnessed a case of violation of the Personal Data Protection Act and GDPR. The breach of personal data protection concerned the Controller, who unlawfully disclosed personal data of 47 affected ...Mehr lesen

A thin line between a typo and a data breach: A case study in enhancing data security...

In a recent case, the Serbian Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection issued a cautionary notice to a bank, shedding light on its procedures for collecting and managing clients' email addresses for communication purposes. ...Mehr lesen

Europe’s AI Act: a new role for the Dutch Data Protection Authority?

"The genie is out of the bottle. We need to move forward on artificial intelligence development but we also need to be mindful of its very real dangers. I fear that AI may replace humans altogether." This quote from Stephen Hawking in 2017 is more relevant today than ...Mehr lesen

Financial companies for fast loans fined for processing personal data without consent from...

The North Macedonian Personal Data Protection Agency has issued several fines for financial companies for fast loans due to processing personal data contrary to the law i.e. without previous consent from the data subject. ...Mehr lesen

Activity of the personal data supervisory authority of Monaco (CCIN): Increase in the...

This article outlines the complaints addressed to the CCIN by data subjects, the number of which, in proportion to Monaco, is rising sharply (1), and its recommendations (2). ...Mehr lesen

Processing Children’s Data Correctly: Takeaways from the Recent TikTok Decision

In September 2023, the Irish Data Protection Commission (“DPC”) adopted its final decision in an own-volition inquiry into the processing by TikTok Technology Limited (“TikTok”) of personal data relating to child users of the TikTok platform. The sanctions imposed on the ...Mehr lesen

Analysis of Legal Functionality in the Face of Technological Advancement, Case of Ecuador:...

This article analyses the impact of advancing neurotechnology on human rights, particularly regarding cognitive freedom, mental privacy, and psychological integrity. It discusses the ethical implications of brain-computer interfaces and the necessity for specific ...Mehr lesen

The Brazilian National Data Protection Authority’s View On Artificial Intelligence

Despite Brazil having it’s own all-encompassing law on data protection (i.e. the General Data Protection Law - LGPD) and its own regulatory agency (the National Data Protection Authority - ANPD), the arrival and constant development of artificial intelligence has caused ...Mehr lesen

How does India’s new privacy law compare to GDPR?

India is now one-month into its grand experiment with data privacy regulation, having replaced a decade-old set of data security rules with a bespoke Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023. This new law has had an interesting journey that warrants examination, to see ...Mehr lesen