Is a violation of a GDPR rule at the same time a violation of competition law?

According to the Oberlandesgericht Hamburg (Higher Regional Court Hamburg) violations of data protection rules can also mean a violation of German competition law and can therefore be actionable by competitors in accordance with the German Unfair Competition Act (Gesetz ...Mehr lesen

Europa ist noch immer nicht bereit für die Cloud

Ist Europa adäquat auf die Cloud-Revolution vorbereitet? ...Mehr lesen

Wettbewerbsvorteile für Europäische Unternehmen durch Cloud

Was sind die entscheidenden Vorteile von Cloud Computing für europäische Unternehmen? ...Mehr lesen

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) clarifies the concept “large scale” for the...

Government agencies and public organisations have the obligation to appoint a DPA, regardless the type of data they process. ...Mehr lesen

Joint Controllership Sub-group News

During 2018, the Not-for-Profit International Network CPC set up some study groups with the aim to analyze and compare the Member States laws and Data Protection Authorities’ interpretations on some specific legal arrangements provided by the EU Regulation 679/2016, ...Mehr lesen

Compete for the best cloud solution worldwide – the EuroCloud Awards 2019 start now

The EuroCloud Awards recognize the best digital services from Europe and around the world based on their underlying cloud computing technology. ...Mehr lesen

Supreme Court Finds the Publisher and the State Liable for Personal Data Breach

In August 2018, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia upheld the judgements of the lower courts finding the publisher and the state (Republic of Slovenia) jointly liable for the publication in a secondary school textbook of a set of data which allowed for the ...Mehr lesen

New cybersecurity law imposes security and reporting obligations to Operators of Essential...

The Greek Parliament recently enacted Law 4577/2018, the purpose of which is to transpose Directive (EU) 2016/1148 on security of network and information systems (the NIS Directive) into Greek law. ...Mehr lesen

Uber fined £385,000 in the UK and €600,000 in the Netherlands

Uber US and Uber Netherlands were considered to be joint controllers which made them both separately liable for claims of customers of Uber. Uber was fined after a 'serious breach' allowing hackers to download worldwide 54 million customer data. ...Mehr lesen

EDM erhält 4-Sterne-Zertifikat

Der Cloud-Dienst des Österreichischen Bundesministeriums für Nachhaltigkeit und Tourismus erhält neuerlich das StarAudit-Zertifikat. Auditoren bestätigen ein außerordentlich hohes Niveau in Bezug auf Datenschutzmanagementprozesse und Informationssicherheit. ...Mehr lesen