Turkey: Data Protection Matters in M&A Transactions

Privacy issues in mergers and acquisitions take the attention of transaction parties among other things in these days. ...Mehr lesen

Cybersecurity und Cloud Computing: So erreicht Europa den ultimativen Wettbewerbsvorteil am...

Die DSM Cloud Stakeholder Konferenz, mit Informationen aus erster Hand über „The EU Cyber Security Package and GDPR Code of Conduct for Cloud Procurement in Europe” ...Mehr lesen

With Legislative Decree 101/2018, Italy harmonized the national privacy legislation to the...

With Legislative Decree n. 101/2018 the Italian legislator has finally taken the last necessary step in order to coordinate the local privacy law to the GDPR. This intervention, in particular, entailed the repealing of the rules considered incompatible with the European ...Mehr lesen

Doping control in sport – how about personal data?

As the legal representatives of the Slovak Anti-doping Agency (hereinafter referred to as “SADA”), we have taken part in several proceedings known as anti-doping rule violations (hereinafter referred to as “ADRV”). ADRV is considered as conduct of an athlete which ...Mehr lesen

List of personal data processing activities that must be subject to a Data Protection...

The CNPD (Portuguese Data Protection National Commission), as the Portuguese supervisory authority, has approved Regulation nr. 1/2018 (“Regulation”), pursuant to Articles 35, no. 4 and 57, no. 1, k) of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), that provides a ...Mehr lesen

In-vehicle emergency call systems (e-call) in Turkey

In-vehicle emergency call (eCall) systems, which have been in use for a long time, are defined as systems within vehicles being activated either automatically or manually, that establish connection with the 112 emergency call centers in cases of an emergency. ...Mehr lesen

The Datacenter of Orion Telekom, Recertified as StarAudit Approved DC level 3

Orion Telekom, a Serbian telecommunication provider has been audited and recertified in October 2018. ...Mehr lesen

StarAudit-Training in Tokio

Auf Vermittlung des Chapters in Taiwan fand zum ersten Mal ein EuroCloud StarAudit-Training in Japan statt. In Kooperation mit JIPDEC wurde ein dreitägiges StarAudit-Training abgehalten, an dem 25 Auditoren und Datenschutzexperten teilnahmen. JIPDEC führt seit 1998 ...Mehr lesen

Tante Emma im digitalen Zeitalter - geht das?

Kleine Tante-Emma-Läden, die ihre Kunden ganz persönlich beraten, gibt es heute kaum noch. Ist es möglich, dieses Einkaufserlebnis in das Web zu übertragen? Eurocloud Swiss hat diese Frage am Donnerstag an einem Event im Fifa-Museum in Zürich gestellt. ...Mehr lesen

Privacy Shield: Brace Yourself, Changes are Coming

Since the application of the GDPR, the days of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield may be numbered and parties to an IT contract must be on the alert. ...Mehr lesen