Fabasoft Cloud Reconfirmed as World’s Most Secure Cloud Service

The renowned cloud certification service EuroCloud Europe has once again decided to award Fabasoft Cloud the highest possible certification level as the only cloud service worldwide. Distinctions like this one confirm the excellent security standards for data in the ...Mehr lesen

Fabasoft Cloud als weltweit sicherstes Cloud-Service wiederbestätigt

Die renommierte Cloud Zertifizierung der EuroCloud Europa hat entschieden, der Fabasoft Cloud erneut als weltweit einziges Cloud-Service die höchstmögliche Zertifizierung zuzusprechen. Auszeichnungen wie diese bestätigen das hohe Sicherheitsniveau rund um Daten in der ...Mehr lesen

The Impact of the GDPR in Monaco until the Revision of the Monegasque Data Protection...

The Monegasque Data Protection Authority has published on its website on May 2, 2018 a list of the key questions on the GDPR recurrently asked by the Monegasque companies, and has clarified its impact in Monaco. ...Mehr lesen

Verwässerung von Datenschutz: Österreich droht EU-Verfahren

Der Verfassungsdienst im Justizministerium sieht "begründete" Bedenken der zuständigen EU-Kommissarin. ...Mehr lesen

A brief history of data protection: How did it all start?

With the GDPR being enforced on 25th of May, we decided to take a glimpse back into the history of data privacy and traced it's first precursors as originating more than 100 years ago. ...Mehr lesen

The discussions around the national law on personal data processing

The Latvian legislator is facing delays with the adaptation of the national Law on Personal Data Processing (the Draft Law). On April 12, the Latvian Parliament, the Saeima, has conceptually supported the Draft Law in the first sitting. The date of the second sitting is ...Mehr lesen

A guide to the insurability of GDPR fines across Europe: the price of data security

Zepos & Yannopoulos, partners of the EuroCloud CPC network, participated in a multi jurisdictional exercise organised by the international law firm DLA Piper and AON, which addresses the local laws on the issue of insurability of non-GDPR regulatory fines, GDPR-fines and ...Mehr lesen

The Danish Parliament has adopted the Danish Data Protection Act

The act will to some extent replace the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data and it will enter into force simultaneously with the General Data Protection Regulation on 25 May 2018. ...Mehr lesen

GDPR and its influence outside EU - Why, What, Who, When, How (Macedonia’s case study)

GDPR is knocking on the door. Being a Europe’s country, and not being a European Union member country yet, does not release the country from its duty to do its best, to be compliant with GDPR. ...Mehr lesen

Cloud Contracts, GDPR and Liability Caps

Liability caps in contracts under the GDPR is a hot-button issue for data controllers and data processors.
A few days before the application of the General Data Protection Regulation, the allocation of risk — and thus the issue of the liability cap — plays an important ...Mehr lesen