FOUR YEARS OF GDPR: The Danish approach to data protection, or absence thereof?

25th May 2022 marked the 4th anniversary of the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the announcement of sanctions with a deterrent effect. However, the obligation to issue fines that are effective, proportionate and dissuasive has not ...Mehr lesen

Bulgarian PDPC adopted a list of processing operations requiring prior consultation

Bulgarian PDPC has adopted a list of processing operations that require prior consultation which is addressed to the authorities subject to Directive (EU) 2016/680. This list does not directly applies to the accitvities of the controllers and processors subject to GDPR, ...Mehr lesen

Gaia-X Hub Austria am European Forum Alpbach

...Mehr lesen

Largest cyber attack in the history of Costa Rica: Does the state of emergency continue?

On May 11, 2022, the Costa Rican government declared a National State of Emergency throughout the public sector for cybercrimes suffered by various public institutions (Executive Decree 43542-MP-MICITT). Two international cybercriminal organizations claimed ...Mehr lesen

The Annual Report for 2021 of the Macedonian Personal Data Protection Agency is released

Compared to the previous year, the number of supervisions carried out in 2021 by the Macedonian Personal Data Protection Agency is increased by 29%. ...Mehr lesen

A brief overview of the legal framework for the use of cookies on websites in Austria

The question of cookies and data protection is always present, but what are cookies, are they always person-related, what is the legal framework for the use of cookies and how must a cookie banner be designed? The Austrian DPA has already examined these questions. ...Mehr lesen

Gaia-X Hub Austria @ EFA

Daten-Souveränität für eine nachhaltig wettbewerbsfähige Gesellschaft: Wie kann Gaia-X den österreichischen Unternehmen und dem Digitalstandort Österreich helfen? ...Mehr lesen

Use of Google analytics (still) breaches the GDPR – austrian data protection authority...

The Austrian Data Protection Authority (DPA) decided in another decision (22nd of April 2022, D155.026, 2022-0.298.191) that the use of Google Analytics (GA) is (still) violating the GDPR. The DPA held that the transfer of personal data to the US in light of the Schrems ...Mehr lesen

Klarna Bank AB - the importance of transparency in privacy notices

Earlier this spring, the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection issued an administrative fine of approximately EUR 724 000 against Klarna Bank AB, a global leading FinTech and payments company, following their investigation of the company, which showed that Klarna did ...Mehr lesen

Can an employer ask the candidate to provide him with a court certificate that criminal...

When establishing an employment relationship, employers often ask the candidates for a court confirmation that no criminal proceedings are being conducted against them. The adoption of the new Data Protection Law in Serbia has raised the question whether such a request ...Mehr lesen