Klarna Bank AB - the importance of transparency in privacy notices

Earlier this spring, the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection issued an administrative fine of approximately EUR 724 000 against Klarna Bank AB, a global leading FinTech and payments company, following their investigation of the company, which showed that Klarna did ...Mehr lesen

Can an employer ask the candidate to provide him with a court certificate that criminal...

When establishing an employment relationship, employers often ask the candidates for a court confirmation that no criminal proceedings are being conducted against them. The adoption of the new Data Protection Law in Serbia has raised the question whether such a request ...Mehr lesen

Gaia-X Hub Austria entering its next operational phase

...Mehr lesen

Gaia-X Austria stakeholder meeting in Vienna

...Mehr lesen

Finding a balance between fighting crime and privacy – the use of metadata

Last April, the Portuguese Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional the provisions of articles 4, 6, and 9 of Law 32/2008 of July 17, which transposed into Portuguese law Directive 2006/24/EC of March 15, on the retention of data generated or processed in ...Mehr lesen

Can audio surveillance be justified?

At the end of 2021, the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate (DPA) issued a precept to a gas station using audio surveillance in its service stations, requiring them to, among other things, stop using audio surveillance. In the DPA’s opinion, audio surveillance could ...Mehr lesen

China’s New Regulations on Controlling Algorithmic Recommendations in Applications

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has circulated the Regulations on the Management of Algorithm Recommendations for Internet Information Services Provisions") since August 2021. The Regulations has been put in effect on 1 Mar 2022. The enactment of the ...Mehr lesen

Three criteria for the elaboration of the Regulation to the Ecuadorian data protection law

Ecuador continues to build its personal data protection system, for which those responsible for developing the regulation must properly understand and apply the criteria of the regulatory model that was assumed with the Personal Data Protection Law. Abstraction and ...Mehr lesen

Unpacking the New Privacy Regime in India: The When, Who, What, and How?

The new Indian Privacy law mimics GDPR when it requires a ‘privacy by design’ architecture, sets up a central data protection authority, and mandates heavy fines for non-compliance! And, if this new bill has even a fraction of the seminal impact that GDPR had on European ...Mehr lesen

The destruction of the algorithm: the new sanction for breaching the GDPR?

Since 2019, The Federlñ Trade Commission (FTC) has been seeking ways to punish the new digital unfair practices, consisting on illegally obtaining personal information from Internet users and exploit it with artificial intelligence tools. In this case, the punishment ...Mehr lesen