Copenhagen-based law firm fined for failing to implement basic security measures

A Copenhagen-based law firm has just been fined DKK 500,000, approx. EURO 67,150, for failing to implement basic security measures when setting up remote access to the firm's IT systems containing personal data of a particularly sensitive nature. Furthermore, the law ...Mehr lesen

Gaia-X Summit 2022

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Standard Contractual Clauses for Cross Border Data Transfers in Hong Kong and Mainland...

Businesses around the world now face strict rules governing the cross-border transfer of personal data. Like as has happened in Europe, the privacy authorities in Hong Kong SAR and Mainland China has been active recently in clarifying issues around cross-border data ...Mehr lesen

Modernizing Canada’s Federal Privacy Law

This article discusses Bill C-27, the recently introduced Federal legislation to update Canada’s private sector privacy law. The bill revives some aspects of the former bill (C-11), refines others, and introduces several novel provisions. ...Mehr lesen

How India’s new draft Telecom Law may impact Data Privacy

India recently released a new draft Telecommunications Bill, 2022, which is currently open to public consultation. This Bill would repeal and replace laws that are decades and in some cases, over a century old. The Bill has already been receiving some backlash against ...Mehr lesen

EU Regulators Elevate the Threshold of Compliance around Data Subject Access Requests.

The European Data Protection Board and the Irish Data Protection Commission have recently published guidelines for businesses in relation to Data Subject Access Requests ("DSARs"). Both sets of guidlines signal that high standards of compliance are expected from ...Mehr lesen

China's Measures for Security Assessment for Outbound Data Transfer

China’s Measures for Security Assessment for Outbound Data Transfer came into effect on 1 Sep 2022. The Measures require risk assessment, data transfer agreement and continuous monitoring to be conducted for organizations who transfer data (not just personal data but ...Mehr lesen

Same data protection guarantees around the world?

The privacy team of ECIX GROUP has carried out a comparative analysis focused on the existing different data protection regulations thinking in those clients of the firm with an international presence. In addition, you will have access to a map including a comparative ...Mehr lesen

A new member has joined the INPLP: Alexandra Orbezo (Peru)

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Ecuadorian Digital Transformation Policy: Data Protection implications

The current Ecuadorian government is about to issue a new digital transformation policy. Once the working tables have closed, the draft version of the policy brings some important issues that have relevant personal data protection implications as even the large-scale ...Mehr lesen