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Is There Any Legal Protection for the Personal Data of a Tourist in Nigeria?

Article 1.2 of the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) 2019 provides the extent and limit of the territorial application of the NDPR and NDPR Implementation Framework (Framework) 2020. According to Article 1.2(b), NDPR, applies to natural persons residing in ...Mehr lesen

The French doctrine on the use of the cloud tested against free American solutions for education

After a member of the French Parliament warned about the potential unlawfulness of using Office 365 and Google Workspace for free in schools, the French Minister of Education and Youth decided to ban their use in French schools. ...Mehr lesen

Facial Recognition Technology and Data Protection: How to comply?

The development of facial recognition technology has introduced many possibilities to increase cybersecurity, productivity, and public safety. However, the Serbian Law on Personal Data Protection calls for increased attention to compliance among both governmental and ...Mehr lesen

‘Mere Upset’ Not Sufficient for GDPR Compensation Claims

On 6 October 2022, Advocate General Manuel Campos Sánchez-Bordona issued an opinion concerning the right to compensation for non-material damage under the GDPR (the “Opinion”). The Advocate General found that data subjects are not entitled to compensation for ...Mehr lesen

Activity of the personal data supervisory authority of Monaco in 2021

The Personal Data Supervisory Authority (hereinafter "CCIN") has published its 13th Activity Report covering the year 2021. This article outlines the interventions of the CCIN regarding complaints addressed to it by data subjects (1) and the decisions of the Monegasque ...Mehr lesen