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Data Protection Compliance in Monaco: new online preregistration and new modalities for the declaration forms

The Monegasque Data Protection Authority (CCIN) announced on the European Data Protection Day (28 January 2017) the possibility for data controllers to complete online their declaration forms.
The new Internet Site of the CCIN offers data controllers the choice to ...Mehr lesen

Österreicher zum Präsidenten von EuroCloud Europa gewählt

Der Österreicher Tobias Höllwarth wurde zum Vorsitzenden des Executive Boards der Pan-europäischen Organisation EuroCloud Europa für die kommenden drei Jahre gewählt. ...Mehr lesen

Data Protection Compliance in Turkey

On April 7th 2016, the long awaited Law on the Protection of Personal Data was enacted (the “Law”) in Turkey to regulate process and transfer of personal data. Some of the provisions of the Law entered into force immediately upon its enactment whereas some of them ...Mehr lesen

The Greek Supreme Court opens the way for employers to review electronic communications of employees

The access to and review of corporate emails, other electronic communications and electronic files stored on the business computers of employees by the employers has always been a serious practical concern for Greek employers. It often arises especially in the context of ...Mehr lesen

Austrian Elected as President of EuroCloud Europe

The Austrian Tobias Höllwarth has been elected chairman of the Executive Board of the pan-European organisation EuroCloud Europe for the coming three years. ...Mehr lesen

The Belgian data protection authority provides its perspective on Data Protection Impact Assessments

The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation contains an obligation to conduct a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) for highly innovative or higher-risk data processing activities. But when should a DPIA precisely be conducted, and how? The Belgian DPA has ...Mehr lesen

Cloud Conference 2017 discussed the best practices, recent developments and risks of the cloud

On 8 March 2017, the annual Cloud Conference organised by IT News (in Estonian: ITuudised) took place in Tallinn, Estonia. The conference, titled “To be in the cloud or not – that’s the business risk” (in Estonian: “Olla pilves või mitte – selles on äririsk”), brought ...Mehr lesen

Hearings in preparation of the GDPR

The Danish Ministry of Justice has begun its work with the Danish adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) in close collaboration with the Danish Business Authority, the Danish Data Pro-tection Agency and the Danish Agency for Digitisation. ...Mehr lesen

Workshop moderation at LSZ CIO Spring conference

Waidhofen, 14th March 2017: Workshop moderation at LSZ CIO Spring conference ...Mehr lesen

GDPR: a new hope for the use of BCRs for cloud providers in Portugal

The GDPR brings a new hope for the application of BCRs, especially for cloud providers (as processors), as they are given specific recognition in the Regulation, which also sets out in detail the content they must include and the procedure under which they will be ...Mehr lesen