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A new member has joined the INPLP: Bartlett D. Morgan (Barbardos)

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A new member has joined the INPLP: Laura Fannin (Ireland)

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The interplay between contractual relations and the GDPR’s security principle: A lesson from France

Security breaches and data loss are a core concern of any controller or processor. What possible avenues of redress can a Controller have when data losses are caused due to failings by its Processor? A recent case from the Lille Commercial Court in the context of the OVH ...Mehr lesen

First European Report on the Use of Cloud Computing in the Public Sector From the Privacy Perspective

The Spanish DPA (AEPD) just published the conclusions of this first European report, coordinated by the European Data Protection Board, on the use of cloud in the public sector. This article summarizes its privacy and data protection implications. ...Mehr lesen

The largest bank in Denmark - Danske Bank - is set to be fined DKK 10 million (approximately € 1.35 million)

The Danish Data Protection Authority has found that the largest bank in Denmark - Danske Bank - has failed to demonstrate that it has deleted personal data in accordance with GDPR and has therefore reported Danske Bank to the police and imposed a fine of DKK 10 million ...Mehr lesen

Data Controller Registry Requirement in Turkey

In accordance with Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (the “DPL”) and the Regulation on Data Controllers’ Registry (“Regulation”), data controllers must be registered with the Data Controllers’ Registry (“VERBIS”) in Turkey. There are certain thresholds in terms of ...Mehr lesen

Do you think that a black van serves only transportation purposes? Well, maybe you want to reconsider your opinion!

How Cyprus found itself in the epicenter of the spy scandal in Greece ...Mehr lesen

The lists for financial support for vulnerable categories of citizens must be removed from the web sites of the competent authorities.

The lists for financial support for vulnerable categories of citizens may be available to the public only during the duration of the deadline for submitting of an objection by the affected beneficiary ...Mehr lesen

Personal Data Protection Act: Ecuador’s Current Challenges

A highly advanced Personal Data Protection Law to become into force on May 31st 2023, brings some challenges to Ecuador’s economy while preparing for compliance. We will get into some challenges Ecuador is facing on these last months of preparations. ...Mehr lesen

The year of “Google Fonts” warning letters

Last year, there were some positive developments in related to data protection law. Unfortunately there were also bad ones in which Google Fonts were involved and had some impact on how German websites are build. ...Mehr lesen