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1st meeting of the Advisory Board for the International Cybersecurity Forum

Brussels 25 June: Général d'armée (2S) Watin-Augouard and Chairwoman Elly van den Heuvel, Secretary of the Cybersecurity Council Netherlands open the meeting. 1st meeting of the Advisory Board for the International Cybersecurity Forum co-organised by the French ...Mehr lesen

Fabasoft Cloud Reconfirmed as World’s Most Secure Cloud Service

The renowned cloud certification service EuroCloud Europe has once again decided to award Fabasoft Cloud the highest possible certification level as the only cloud service worldwide. Distinctions like this one confirm the excellent security standards for data in the ...Mehr lesen

Fabasoft Cloud als weltweit sicherstes Cloud-Service wiederbestätigt

Die renommierte Cloud Zertifizierung der EuroCloud Europa hat entschieden, der Fabasoft Cloud erneut als weltweit einziges Cloud-Service die höchstmögliche Zertifizierung zuzusprechen. Auszeichnungen wie diese bestätigen das hohe Sicherheitsniveau rund um Daten in der ...Mehr lesen

The Impact of the GDPR in Monaco until the Revision of the Monegasque Data Protection Legislation

The Monegasque Data Protection Authority has published on its website on May 2, 2018 a list of the key questions on the GDPR recurrently asked by the Monegasque companies, and has clarified its impact in Monaco. ...Mehr lesen

Verwässerung von Datenschutz: Österreich droht EU-Verfahren

Der Verfassungsdienst im Justizministerium sieht "begründete" Bedenken der zuständigen EU-Kommissarin. ...Mehr lesen

A brief history of data protection: How did it all start?

With the GDPR being enforced on 25th of May, we decided to take a glimpse back into the history of data privacy and traced it's first precursors as originating more than 100 years ago. ...Mehr lesen