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Privacy of war crimes victims

The right for Privacy is a fundamental right according to Israeli law but it is a relative right. How should State interests to publish war crimes be considered in this balance? ...Mehr lesen

This is how Costa Rica closes 2023 in terms of privacy and data protection

2023 has been a year of growth and learning for Costa Rica in terms of privacy. Two takeaways on local supervisory authority dynamics and a landmark controversy with political and social impact are introduced below. ...Mehr lesen

Extraterritorial Implications of Turkish Data Protection Legislation

This article explores the regulatory landscape for data controllers located outside Turkey and their obligations under the Turkish Data Protection Law. ...Mehr lesen

CaliforniAI: New Executive Order takes on Generative AI

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, issues Executive Order on Generative AI, which echoes some points in the recent Texas and Connecticut AI laws and goes further, imposing detailed, time limited obligations on California State agencies. ...Mehr lesen

Constitutional Court: The Criteria for Access to Traffic Data Too Loose

Slovenia’s Constitutional Court found the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Act (CPA) enabling the prosecution (police) to access and seize traffic data (data about the circumstances of a communication) to be disproportionate and therefore in violation of the ...Mehr lesen

A thin line between a typo and a data breach: A case study in enhancing data security practices

In a recent case, the Serbian Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection issued a cautionary notice to a bank, shedding light on its procedures for collecting and managing clients' email addresses for communication purposes. ...Mehr lesen

Finding the balance between fighting crime and privacy: an Update to the use of Metadata in Criminal Prosecution

On October 13, 2023, the Portuguese Parliament approved an updated version of Law No. 32/2008, which had been declared unconstitutional in April 2022. The community is now waiting for a new preventive judgement of constitutionality on the use of communications metadata ...Mehr lesen

Insurance company fined SEK 35 million for security failures and putting data subjects’ data at risk.

The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection issued an administrative fine of SEK 35 million (3MEUR+) against the insurance company Trygg-Hansa due to severe security flaws that enabled unauthorized access to information via the internet and put 650 000 customers’ data ...Mehr lesen