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The new law on personal data protection: legislative process in Slovakia has been launched

In January 2017, the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic initiated the legislative process leading to the new Law on Personal Data Protection in accordance with the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection. ...Mehr lesen

Polish Data Protection Authority recommends encrypting email

Polish DPA recent opinion on encryption as preferred response to confidentiality risks associated with email. ...Mehr lesen

Cloud Forum 2017, Zagreb

Theme: "Place where demand and supply meets". April 19, 2017. Hotel Antunović Zagreb ...Mehr lesen

Two selected decisions on Austrian data protection law

A case of the DSB (Austrian Data Protection Office) and one of the VwGH (Austrian Administrative Supreme Court) are presented below. The first concerns the question of the admissibility of generating a personal file number on the basis of the birth date. The Supreme ...Mehr lesen

Vier Tipps zur Auswahl des richtigen Cloud-Providers

Viele Firmen sorgen sich um die Sicherheit, wenn es um die Auslagerung von Anwendungen und Daten in die Cloud geht. Fabasoft hält dagegen und nennt vier zentrale Punkte, die bei der Wahl des Cloud Providers beachtet werden sollen. ...Mehr lesen

Meeting of project SECCAT at Ministry of Finance

Vienna, 14th February 2017: Meeting of project SECCAT at Ministry of Finance to discuss the development of an Austrian Cloud Quality Scheme “Trusted Cloud” ...Mehr lesen

Meeting at the offices of Alain Bensoussan Avocats Lexing

Paris, 6th of February 2017: meeting at the offices of Alain Bensoussan Avocats Lexing with Alain Bensoussan, Eric Le Quellenec, Julie Baron and Eric Bonnet discussing the joint European project “Data Privacy Compliance”. ...Mehr lesen