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AI Act and GDPR: managing the world of data in the world of privacy.

Contrary to some persisting beliefs that the AI Act and GDPR are inherently incompatible, GDPR may in fact be interpreted in a way that concords with the purposes of the AI Act. Processing personal data through an artificial intelligence (AI) system’s algorithm triggers ...Mehr lesen

Generative AI and the Protection of Personal Information under the Japanese Law

While generative AI has been getting attention in business, there has been a concern on the protection of personal information when using them. Recently, the Japanese Personal Information Protection Commission (“PPC”) has issued an Alert on the use of generative AI ...Mehr lesen

Cross-Border Data Transfer: Navigating Compliance under the Nigerian Data Protection Act 2023

The recently enacted Nigeria Data Protection Act (“the Act”) 2023 is now the principal data privacy and protection legislation in Nigeria, and it establishes the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (the Commission) to oversee the implementation of the Act. The Act ...Mehr lesen

Brazil's innovative approaches to data protection: the main differences between GDPR and LGPD.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Brazilian General Data Protection Act (LGPD) are two comprehensive data protection regulations that have gained significant attention worldwide. Both regulations emphasize the importance of obtaining individuals' ...Mehr lesen

AdTech Update: CJEU landmark data protection ruling for online and behavioral advertising

Online advertising is one of the largest online industries. However, it also has long faced issues with data protection regulators. The CJEU has handed down a landmark ruling that clarifies what legal bases controllers can rely on for online and behavioral advertising. ...Mehr lesen