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New Latvian Personal Data Processing law is being developed

Latvian Ministry of Justice has drafted text of new Personal Data Processing Law, which fulfils the assignment of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 to introduce national provisions to specify the application of the rules of Regulation in the national legislation. The law adopts ...Mehr lesen

Belgium’s New Data Protection Authority

In implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679), the Belgian Privacy Commission is being replaced by a new entity, the Data Protection Authority (In Dutch: ‘Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit’, in French: ‘L’Autorité de protection des données’). ...Mehr lesen

2nd Cloud Privacy Check (CPC) Event

The 2nd Cloud Privacy Check (CPC) event took place between 24-26 November 2017 in Vienna, Austria. ...Mehr lesen

Data Protection Law Enters the Social Media Era

This last decade has undoubtedly marked a vast and worldwide sociological evolution which has defined and created a new generation and era of communication and data processing. This era has been often described by many as the social media era as it is evident that ...Mehr lesen

The Spanish DPA (AEPD) presents “Facilita RGPD”

The Spanish DPA (AEPD) presents “Facilita RGPD”, a tool created to help companies comply with the European Data Protection Regulation ...Mehr lesen

The Standard Contract Clauses under fire?

In the recent case between the Data Protection Commissioner vs Facebook Ireland ltd and Maximillian Schrems of October 3rd 2017, Maximillian Schrems has raised the issue before court as to the validity of the Standard Contract Clauses decisions with respect to data ...Mehr lesen

Final straight for Luxembourg in implementing the European package on Data Protection

A rapid overview of Luxembourg’s latest legislative measures in its preparation for European package on Data Protection with a specific focus on the GDPR. ...Mehr lesen

Was die Cloud und die Dampfmaschine gemeinsam haben

So wie die flächendeckende Nutzung der Dampfmaschine zur Produktivitätssteigerung in der ersten industriellen Revolution ­beigetragen hat, führt auch die breite Nutzung von Cloud-Services zu einer Produktivitätssteigerung in der vierten industriellen Revolution. ...Mehr lesen