ENISA Survey on Governmental Cloud computing

Due date 15th of July Governmental Cloud computing - This work focuses only on the use of cloud by the public sector, and in particular the so-called governmental clouds.

Core topics here are

  • to give an overview of existing govclouds and
  • to identify a couple of standard implementation approaches (outsourced, insourced, security levels, closed, open, mixed)

In this framework ENISA is conduction a study with the final goal to provide "a set of guidelines for securing governmental Cloud Computing infrastructures across the EU, in order to facilitate the take-up of cloud services by public sector organizations in the EU".

The study, supported by the University of Rome Tor Vergata, will be focused on

  • Providing an in-depth investigation and evaluation of CC for governmental services across the EU
  • Defining practical contributions for the diffusion of secure Cloud Computing useful to ENISA and in coherence with the previous work already done in the area of Security, Resiliency and CC

This questionnaire is part of this study on governmental Cloud Computing.

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