First International ECSA Online-Training

On 12th of September 2015 EuroCloud Star Audit performed its first international Auditor training together with ECSA’s Asian Audit Partner SGS.

12 ISO certified auditors located in Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan and China (in the cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen) attended the first out of two online sessions for the 3rd and last ECSA Auditor training block. The second and last training unit will be performed on the 26th of Sept. in the mean time exercises and homework are mandatory in the scope of the ECSA auditor training before the candidates can perform the Academy test and follow the Accreditation procedure. Well done SGS!

This online training was only possible as several ECSA tools were available and could be used by the attendees: ECSA Secure Date Room (Brainloop), ECSA Assessment Tool (own development), ECSA Academy (Moodle), ECSA Training (Citrix Go2Meeting).