First StarAudit Approved DC certificate in Croatia achieved by Croatian Post Inc.

Croatian Post Inc. has been awarded the StarAudit Approved DC certificate for its data center. This is the third StarAudit certificate worldwide to be awarded to a government-related organization. EuroCloud Europe awarded the certificate on August 26, 2017 after SGS as the StarAudit Accredited Auditing Organization had performed the audit.

Croatian Post Inc. as a company with long and rich history has a remarkable business reputation providing various modern services including postal, financial and philatelic as well as retail, and its enjoys great user trust in its services. They have accomplished the 3-star “DC Ready” criterion as part of the StarAudit criteria based on the DC infrastructure and operations requirements. 

By undertaking efforts to ensure that its data center meets highly complex criteria, Croatian Post Inc. is facilitating the growth of its cloud services and raising trust on the part of its users. In receiving the StarAudit certificate, the company confirms its commitment to providing modern services as well as strengthening its competitive advantage within Croatia by becoming the first company in the country to achieve this certification.