INPLP Activity Report 2021 published

The past year was immensely impactful for the INPLP and characterized by strong collaboration, hard work, continued growth of the network, and finally another physical conference in Vienna. Striving for ambitious expansion while strengthening international relations was our key objective.

2021 was yet another very successful year for the INPLP. Our network was able to welcome a host of law firms as new members, publish 100 articles, conduct a three-day physical conference in the city of Vienna and take numerous actions to further develop the network.

The INPLP intends to continue this path of robust and professional growth in 2022. Furthermore, the INPLP has decided to intensify communication and interaction between members and has therefore initiated various measures in support of this objective, including hosting multiple short-form conferences whenever new members join or relevant topics arise and establishing new channels of communication for faster and more efficient information exchange.

All this shows the excellent value of the the INPLP network for its members as well as the value of the work performed by the INPLP for its members’ clients.


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